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Engineering - Dual Degree



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Programs offered:

B.A. in Engineering—Dual Degree

Oglethorpe is associated with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the University of Florida, Auburn University, Mercer University, and the University of Southern California in combined programs of liberal arts and engineering. The programs require the student to complete three years at Oglethorpe University and the final two years at one of these engineering schools.

In this combined plan, the two degrees which are awarded upon the successful completion of the program are the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Engineering - Dual Degree by Oglethorpe and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering by the engineering school. Because the required pre-engineering curricula of the five affiliated schools are slightly different, the student is advised to consult frequently with the faculty member serving as dual degree engineering program advisor.

Engineering is a difficult subject. Students can maximize their chances for success by starting at Oglethorpe where the faculty’s primary concern is effective teaching and working closely with students. Classes are small, and laboratories offer the opportunity for hands-on experience with sophisticated equipment. This strong foundation gives the student an excellent preparation for professional school, resulting in more effective learning in advanced engineering courses. As a liberal arts and sciences university, Oglethorpe stresses broad education for intelligent leadership. Here, the student will explore the fundamental fields of knowledge, further his or her understanding of science and mathematics, and refine the abilities to read, write, speak, and reason with clarity. This preparation will serve the student well in any career but particularly so in the engineering field. With strong preparation in engineering plus a liberal arts education, the student will be ready for a variety of career positions. The Engineering-Dual Degree program provides an education that is both broad and deep, a combination that will serve the graduate well as career responsibilities increase.

The Engineering—Dual Degree program requires a significant number of mathematics courses, all of which have prerequisites. Additionally, all introductory-level science (biology, chemistry, physics) lecture courses have mathematics prerequisites, and some also have mathematics co-requisites. Several of these introductory-level science courses are required for the Engineering—Dual Degree program. While the aforementioned mathematics prerequisites can be satisfied in a variety of ways, the most efficient way for most students is to take the mathematics placement examination no later than the start of a student’s first semester at Oglethorpe. The mathematics placement exam will diagnose if a student has sufficient mathematical acuity to exempt any (or all) of the mathematics prerequisites and, if not, will also diagnose an action plan for preparing the student to satisfy prerequisites in the shortest possible time. Please consult the Oglethorpe University Bulletin Sec. 5.4.1. and Sec. 5.4.2. for additional information. Students who satisfy the relevant mathematics proficiency prerequisites their first semester at Oglethorpe are urged to register for the appropriate mathematics and science courses right away. Students needing additional math preparation must acquire the needed expertise in time to begin the necessary mathematics and science courses in their sophomore year; in that case it will likely be impossible for the student to complete the required Oglethorpe coursework in three years.

Please consult the University Bulletin for degree requirements.



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