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Dortmund Doubles: Patrick Falco’s experience

Study abroad in Dortmund


Welcome to German @ Oglethorpe

German, mother tongue to more than 100 million people worldwide and only second to English as the language of the internet, is one of the great academic choices offered at Oglethorpe. Our philosophy of language teaching is to regard language as a part of culture, we are not seeing language as separated from culture. Therefore you, as a prospective German learner, will gain knowledge not only about the language but also about the cultures of the German-speaking countries in Europe, as the German program at OU is informed by "the five C's": communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities.

Studying German at Oglethorpe University offers you unique chances as it is connecting you to the world - even literally speaking: Your insights into language and culture might ultimately result in participating in one of our study abroad programs (For a listing of foreign institutions and programs with which Oglethorpe has exchange agreements and affiliations, please see Oglethorpe University Students Abroad in the Educational Enrichment section). Of particular interest to students of German is the Oglethorpe exchange agreement with the University of Dortmund, Germany (see below for information).

Learning German begins with a thorough emphasis on reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. These essential skills prepare the student with the foundations for communicating efficiently in diverse contexts in the German language. Once students have reached an adequate level of proficiency in German Oglethorpe encourages them in studying abroad, either for just one semester or an academic year. Classroom studies are complemented by our bi-weekly German Movie Nights which are featuring various German movies with English subtitles. Student responses in oral or in written form are encouraged and extra credit can be earned. See below for this semester's schedule.

The German Program
Oglethope University finds herself in the comfortable position of offering German Language courses taught by native speakers, exchange scholars from the University of Dortmund, Germany. The German program at Oglethorpe exists thanks to the generous support of the Halle Foundation, a foundation whose aim it is to promote the understanding, knowledge and friendship between Germany and the US.

Up to the present, German can be taken as additional coursework. We offer Elementary German (GER 101, GER 102) and Intermediate German (GER 201, GER 202). Independent study courses at the 200 and 400 levels might be offered upon request. Thanks to our exchange agreement with Dortmund, you are able to create your own independently planned German minor by transferring credits for upper level German classes from Dortmund to Oglethorpe. 12 credits for upper level-courses are necessary. Note: If you consider such a minor, you should contact me as soon as possible, as not all courses attended in Dortmund qualify for the minor.

The Dortmund Exchange
Dortmund is a major city of the Ruhrgebiet, located in Germany's northwest. With a population of approx. 8 million people, the Ruhrgebiet (Ruhr Metropolitan Area) is one of the biggest urban areas in Europe and in 2010 it will be European Capital of Culture. Dortmund itself is a city of 600,000 people whose origins date back to 890 A.D. Having had an industrial past ("coal, steel, beer"), Dortmund experienced change in many ways: High Tech, Logistics and Education play now a major role. Furthermore, Dortmund is now one of the greenest German towns, as half of the city's incorporated area is devoted to gardens, spacious parks and forests.
Stop by at my office (Hearst 302) and get a free copy of the Dortmund Experience or of other material.

Study abroad in Dortmund
The University of Dortmund with its 16 schools offers you many opportunities. You will be eligible to take courses from all fields: traditional liberal arts, engineering, the social sciences, sciences, etc. Just check out their homepage or talk to your German instructor.
OU students will go to Dortmund for either one semester or a whole academic year. If you only want to go for a semester, we recommend the German spring semester, which starts in April and lasts until July - you could directly start over at Oglethorpe. For those who'd like to stay for a whole academic year, we recommend to start in October (the fall semester starts in October and lasts until February) so you don't lose time. Credits from Dortmund will be transferred. Oglethorpe Students who wish to go to Dortmund qualify for our exclusive Halle grant, made possible by the Halle Foundation. The exchange-grant comprises $ 2000,00 for a semester abroad. Contact OUSA and learn about how to apply. However, a stay abroad needs to be well prepared. Talk to the me and your academic advisor about course choices and how they fit to your program.

German Placement Test
All students with previous study or experience in German must take a language placement examination during summer orientation or immediately prior to fall registration. They will be placed in the course sequence according to their competence. Under no circumstances should students with past experience in the language place themselves in courses, especially at the elementary level. Students are not eligible to enroll in elementary and intermediate courses in their primary languages. Contact OU Admissions if you're interested in taking the test (404-261-1441) .

The following courses are offered on German:

GER 101, GER 102. Elementary German I, II

4 plus 4 hours

These courses are beginning college German, designed to develop the ability to understand, speak, read, and write contemporary German. Prerequisite: None for GER 101; GER 101 required for GER 102, or placement by testing. 

level: A1, A2
(cf. Common European Framework of References for Languages)

GER 201. Intermediate German I

4 hours

This course will focus on practice in speaking and understanding German, accompanied by a review of grammar. Reading and discussion of short literary texts. Prerequisite: GER 102 or placement by testing.

level: A2 through B1

GER 202. Intermediate German II

4 hours

This course is a continuation of Intermediate German I with practice in spoken German and added emphasis on writing. Reading materials include both contemporary topics and selections from literature. Prerequisite: GER 201 or placement by testing.

level: B1 through B2

GER 200. Independent Study Course

4 hours

Prerequisite: First-semester sophomore standing ( at least 32 hours earned) and a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better.

GER 400. Independent Study Course
Prerequisite: First-semester sophomore standing ( at least 32 hours earned) and a cumulative
grade point average of 2.0 or better.

Special Features:

Transatlantic Summer Academy 2009 in Dortmund
Want to spend your summer abroad and get credits for it on top of it? Attend Summer School in Dortmund! 5 June - 24 July.

Beginning in March, the Oglethorpe University Museum of Art will display "Dachau Before Dachau: European Artists Colony 1860-1914" and "Dachau Concentration Camp - the Years of Destruction 1933-1945".

Gogarten, Sunset on the Winter's Marsh, 1894

Oglethorpe University Museum of Art is privileged to introduce the 19th-century artists and the fine art, Dachau Before Dachau: European Artist Colony 1860 – 1914, which had been overshadowed by a dark period in 20th-century history – the infamy of Dachau's concentration camp. The Dachau Artist Colony is considered to be Germany's equivalent to the Barbizon Artist Colony in France. A selection of excellent artworks from the Dachau Artist Colony will be exhibited for the first time in the United States. Along with the fine art exhibition will be a display of 15 panels documenting Dachau's infamous period – Dachau Concentration Camp: Years of Destruction 1933 – 1945, from before it was a camp until present day. Both exhibitions demonstrate the fragility of creativity in the face of destruction. Visit OUMA's website for more information - click here!

German Movie Nights (GMMN)
You love movies? You're interested in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? Probably just curious? But you sure love chocolate? German chocolate?
Then come to the German Movie Night. The GMMN is a regularly scheduled movie screening conducted by Languages Department. Attendants earn 1 Petrel Point for the arts and ideas section. Anyone can join - it's free!

Past events:
3/30/2009: Der Untergang (The Downfall); Earl Dolive Theater 6:30 pm
4/06/2009: Das Experiment; Earl Dolive Theater 6:30 pm

See full size image Based on Zimbardo's Stanford Prison Experiment, this movie follows the idea of how seemingly regular guys turn into beasts. A movie full of suspense, and, of relevance.
4/13/2009; Earl Dolive Theater 6:30 pm

For more information on German at Oglethorpe or on the Dortmund exchange, please contact:

Kay Rensing
Adjunct Instructor of German
Hearst 302
krensing@ oglethorpe.edu
Tel: 404-364-8304

Our partner institution in Germany:

Learn German, immerse into German culture and spend time abroad

Interested in further German studies?

For further studies in German, the Goethe Zentrum is the perfect place for yOU!

For general info and material about Germany.

German Ressources:
Philip Weltner Library: large collection of grammar references and textbooks, German language literature and German Movies. Also up to date print copies of "Der Spiegel" - Germany's most popular news magazine.

Tutoring: We are very lucky to have always a number of German mother tongue tutors around.

Internet resources:
Grammar + Language
German4Spalding. Another free page with lots of information about German, German resources and a collection of useful links.

German News

The Week in Germany: weekly updated news page hosted by the German Embassy, Washington.
Spiegel Online: Online Version of Germany's most important news mag. They also have an English speaking version - for those of you who'd like to know what's happening on the other side of the pond.

German-American Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta: possibly an interesting contact for you?

If you know of more great German pages, please contact krensing(at)oglethorpe.edu. Thanks!

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