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Elizabeth "Liz" Weber

Hometown: Suwanee, Georgia

Major/Minor: Communications and Spanish

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: OUradio (Station Manager), Stormy Petrel Newspaper (Editor-in-Chief), Omicron Delta Kappa Honor and Leadership Fraternity (Secretary), Order of Omega Greek Honor Society (Secretary), Tri-Sigma Sorority (Treasurer), Promotions Coordinator for Q100 radio station in Atlanta, Girl Scouts of America volunteer

Interests: I recently took up an interest in running and started signing up for 5K races as a way to get in shape. Now I’m addicted, and I’m running a pre-qualifier for the Peachtree Road Race. Volunteering has always been a big thing in my family. When I get a chance to break away from my schedule, I volunteer with my mom at a local senior center, help my dad with his various recycling programs and help my old Girl Scout leaders with their projects and events. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends on a regular basis. Since I’ve started my career at Oglethorpe, I’ve developed a taste for photography. I took an introductory photography course my freshman year, and now I always have a camera with me. I love taking candid pictures of people because it really shows their personality. The photos serve as great memories to look back on years later and say, “What in the world was I doing?”

Favorite thing about OU: The community. I wanted to attend a university where I wasn’t just a number and could actually interact with my professors and make an impact on campus. Since my freshman year, I’ve grown as a leader, student, friend and community member. I truly believe it’s from the hands-on attitude that the university takes as an approach to learning.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: It never ceases to amaze me how interconnected we are with the city. You take one wrong turn on a back road, and you end up in an unknown area with an amazing coffee shop. Do this on a nice day with friends, and you’ve got an excuse to get out and explore. Wherever I'm going, it’s always an adventure.

Interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe: I actually found my internship on a flier in Robinson Hall on campus my freshman year. When I started at Oglethorpe, I wanted to be a print journalism major. By my second semester, I had completely changed my mind and had no ideas on what to do next. I saw a Q100 internship flyer on one of the bulletin boards and decided that I should give it a shot. What’s the worst radio could do to me? Well, two years later, I work part time in the promotions department at Q100. Radio has brought out the best in me, and I have a hard time picturing myself in another industry. I love promotions and I think it’s my calling, at least for now.

Fun facts about you: Music is a big part of my life. I love going to concerts. If there’s a band I love, my best friend and I will camp out before a show just to get to stand next to the barricades. I like napping. I think it’s the greatest thing in the world, especially when it’s raining outside and you have nothing else to do. I was in chorus for six years, I played piano for five years, and now I’ve started playing guitar. I'm taking guitar lessons through Oglethorpe’s music program, which allows students to take lessons from a designated instructor and receive course credit. I ’m a cheap date. All I need to be happy is a good book in the park, a sunny day or a car ride with the windows down and music blasting.


Angela McByrd

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Major: Mathematics

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: Vice President of Service for Alpha Phi Omega: National Service Fraternity

Interests: Math, teaching, education reform, piano, trumpet, reading, and traveling

Favorite thing about OU: The Center for Civic Engagement. I love the fact that Oglethorpe is very involved with the Atlanta community and has a center solely dedicated to allowing students the opportunity to take part in so many wonderful community service projects.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: Atlanta is such a beautiful city and the people here are very friendly. Plus, the weather here is much nicer than the weather in Chicago! Atlanta is a major college city and there are always students to meet who will have something in common with you, whether it is a Greek organization, the city they are from, or even just a food that they like.

Some interesting experiences you've had at OU: I have had the privilege of participating in a research class involving artificial intelligence and predicting the stock market. I presented my research at Oglethorpe University's annual Liberal Arts Symposium. It was definitely a great experience, and now I know how to invest a small amount of money in the stock market! Another interesting experience would have to be working at the OU Museum of Art. If I was not a student worker here, I might not not take the time to actually come up and visit. Through working at the Museum, I have learned so much about various forms of art and have been able to get back into the habit of sketching.

Fun facts about you: According to my friends, I tend to know a lot of random information. Math is as essential to my life. I attended a public boarding high school, the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy, which allowed me to gain so many great experiences and understandings in the field. I am really big on community service, hence the reason I love the CCE and I am a member of Alpha Phi Omega: National Service Fraternity. I make it a habit to give back to my community through service, especially to children in the community because they will become our future leaders. I want to work in Education at some point in the future. I am in the process of starting a non-profit organization, called Leaves for STEMS, that will provide textbook scholarships for college students and in exchange, these college students will dedicate their time to tutoring and mentoring middle and high school students in math and science.



John Burke

Hometown: Duluth, Georgia

Major/Minor: Spanish and Music

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: OUr Music Appreciation Week, University Singers, The Santiago 4 Male Ensemble vocal group, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, Omicron Delta Kappa Honor and Leadership Fraternity

Interests: Music, jazz piano, traveling, public affairs, event planning and international relations

Favorite thing about OU: Small campus size, tight-knit community, excellent foreign languages department, superb Atlanta location, gorgeous landscape and rigorous academics

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta:
Jazz scene, night life, unlimited possibilities, the city of Buckhead and the Peachtree Road Race

Some interesting experiences you've had at OU:
I participated in the OU Study Abroad program to Spain. I greatly improved my Spanish, traveled, nd immersed myself in the culture. It changed my life! I co-founded the male ensemble group, The Santiago 4, which has performed s both on and off OU’s campus. I had an internship in the Spring of 2011 at the Latin American Association where I worked in the Public Relations and Communications department. The Association is only 5-10 minutes away from Oglethorpe! I created and hosted the OUr Music Appreciation Week from March 7-11. Throughout the week, student and faculty musicians performed daily and showcased what a wonderful music presence we have on Oglethorpe’s campus. It was a success!

Fun facts about you:
My favorite thing to do on a Friday night is have a Blues jam session. I love speaking Spanish and am currently attempting to learn Italian. I plan to attend graduate school and obtain a Masters degree in Public Administration. My dream in life is to be the U.S. Ambassador to Spain.


Jessica Sundstom

Hometown: Tallahassee, Florida

Major: English/Art History

Activities at OU and in Atlanta:
I work for OU Students Abroad as the International Programs Student Coordinator. I take belly dancing lessons at The Hearth. I’m a member of Get Active OU!'s kickboxing class. In addition, I work with the International Club. I am presently trying to set up a program called SHIPP (Southern Hospitality International Partners Program) which would pair foreign students studying at OU with American OU undergraduates.

Interests: My two biggest interests/activities are cooking and reading. I love to travel, and I love to encourage other people to travel. Art is a really big thing for me. I don’t have as much as I’d like to make it, which is why it’s so great to study it. There’s a set period of time that I have to dedicate to doing what I love.

Favorite thing about OU: I love my job on campus and I love my classes. My professors are the best! They’re so intelligent and know their content areas so well.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta:
I really like that there are so many museums and fairs. It’s also really great that there are all these suburbs with their own activities, like craft fairs and Ren Faire. The High Museum has had some really impressive exhibits like borrowed art from the Louvre and the Dali exhibit. Even better, they have a College Night (which makes it more affordable to go). The Woodruff Arts Center is a great example of modern architecture and the skyline is beautiful. I guess what I like is the inclusion of both the big and the small; we have the big city with a smaller city feel.

Some interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe:
The short term OUSA trip to Greece in 2009 was really great. It was a lot of work, but it was also so much fun. We went to places that have always fascinated me, like Delphi, and to places I had never heard of before like the sacred island of Delos. Greece was really beautiful and the people were so nice. Also, my part time job at OU working for OUSA is also such a unique opportunity. Dr. Collins offered me this job after I had returned from studying abroad in Italy. I do consultations and my duties range from running our Facebook page to meeting study abroad representatives to maintaining communication with our current partnerships. Before this job, my plan was to go to law school. Now I’ve decided that I want to work in administrative study abroad. I know that when it’s time to apply for grad schools or a job with another university or third-party provider, my career experience here at OU will put me above other candidates because my responsibilities here are so diverse.

Fun facts about you: When I have more time (and money), I’d like to start a cooking blog. I’d also love to be an author, though I think I would publish under a pseudonym. I’m going to start training for a marathon soon.


Jamison "Jamie" King

Hometown: Gainesville, Georgia

Major/minor: Biology, Chemistry and Spanish

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: OU Men's Soccer Team, Phi Delta Epsilon, NCAA A-team, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, and a Resident Assistant. I'm also a soccer coach with Atlanta Spurs F.C. and I work at 'Leading the Way' Ministries

Interests: Playing sports, watching sports, listening to music, being outside, traveling, working

Favorite thing about OU: My favorite thing about OU is the community feel that it offers. There is not a person on campus that you do not know. Oglethorpe is a small school, but it offers all the perks of being in a city like Atlanta.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: I love living in Atlanta. There is always something to do, and there are so many opportunities here that I would not have in a smaller city.

Some interesting experiences you've had at OU: Oglethorpe has given me various leadership opportunities. I serve on the executive boards of Phi Delta Epsilon and Kappa Sigma, I serve on the NCAA A-team and I am a Resident Assistant. Since Oglethorpe is a small college, there are more opportunities to get involved and be a leader on campus. The Atlanta location allows for numerous internship and career opportunities. Also, our Center for Civic Engagement allows students to give back to the local community on a regular basis.

Fun facts about you: I am studying to become a doctor. I lifeguard during the summer.


Patrick Cansfield

Hometown: Port Huron, Michigan

Major/minor: Business and Economics

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: OU Men’s Golf Team, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity brother, volunteer for First Tee of Atlanta and First Tee of East Lake, and volunteer for “Make A Wish” Foundation

Interests: Sports, Fishing

Favorite thing about OU: Access to professors whenever help is needed, the golf experience and greek life.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: The weather, the people, and the access to everything within Atlanta. It's also easy to get to professional sporting events like Thrashers, Falcons and Hawks games and the NCAA SEC Championships.

Some interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe: Whenever I have needed help in the classroom, my professors were just an e-mail or a call away. The golf team has taken me around the country to new states and new courses. I have been able to play some of the best courses in the Atlanta area including one of the most exclusive clubs in America, the Peachtree Golf Club, which is right across the street.



Whitney Daly

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Major/minor: Spanish and English

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: Oglethorpe University Singers, Oglethorpe University Chorale, Oglethorpe University Wind Ensemble, Pi Chi for Panhellenic sorority recruitment

Interests: I love reading and learning about different cultures. I also enjoy doing yoga, playing the flute and singing.

Favorite thing about OU: I love that I can study all my interests at Oglethorpe. I’m currently working on an Honor's thesis about the French and Spanish musical influences in Bizet’s Carmen. My topic allows me to combine my love of the Spanish language and culture with my love of music. I could not have created an Honor's thesis like that anywhere else.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: The artistic community. Atlanta has so many opportunities to see the artistic masterpieces at museums like the High Museum of Art. We also have the spectacular Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, which is just a MARTA ride away. I love going to hear their concerts.

Some interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe: Last semester, I spent four months in Madrid, Spain at one of our partnership schools. After studying the Spanish culture and language for many years, I was finally able to immerse myself in them. I did not just learn about the country and its people; I learned a lot about myself. I also learned that I could handle anything that came my way.

Fun facts about you: I teach Spanish to elementary school children during the summer.


Ashely Causey

Hometown: Canal Point, Florida

Major: Individually Planned Major in Social Enterprise

Activities at OU and in the Atlanta community: I am currently involved with a non-profit that helps victims of domestic violence, Stronghold Atlanta. I am also currently involved with the Black Student Caucus on campus.

Interests: I recently got hooked on blogging. In addition to that, I enjoy singing in the shower, dancing behind closed doors, writing poetry, falling asleep under trees on a sunny day, baking sweets, helping others and enjoying life.

Favorite thing about OU: There are too many things that I love about OU to just pick one favorite thing. I would have to say that one of my favorite things is the campus landscape and architecture. This constantly reminds me to cheer up when I'm feeling stressed or blue because I'm surrounded by such beauty and mystique.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: My favorite thing about living in Atlanta is that there are so many opportunities that are right outside our campus. There is always something available that you can use as a tool to gain more knowledge and experience in whatever major you decide to pursue.

Some interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe: Oglethorpe makes it extremely easy for students to get involved with whatever their passions may be and gain practical experience for the future. As a first year student, I was able to become a telephone fundraiser operator for Oglethorpe University’s Alumni Relation Office and become a student board member on the Young Non-profit Professional Network of Atlanta. Oglethorpe challenges students to not only ask "why?" but to also ask "why not?"

Fun facts about you: I have a kitten named Friday. I like to collect random, quirky things, and I have a love affair with vintage clothing and accessories.



Justin Sabree

Hometown: Peachtree City, Georgia

Major: Psychology

Activities at OU and in Atlanta: Resident Assistant, Event Coordinator for Psi-Chi, Senator in the student government, President of Get Active Oglethorpe! fitness club

Interests: Psychology, dancing, video games, working out, photography and photo editing

Favorite thing about OU: I love the sense of community on campus! Whenever something good happens, you're always within 15 feet of a familiar face to share your good news with. People on campus make a genuine effort to support one another, and that support has helped me grow so much as a person.

Favorite thing about living in Atlanta: While Atlanta is brimming with clubs, museums and restaurants, it also has a wide variety of internships and research opportunities. Since starting my career at Oglethorpe, I've had two internships. Those internships have helped put my education to good use and confirmed my passion for my major.

Some interesting experiences you’ve had at Oglethorpe: One of my most exciting on-campus experiences has been receiving the title of Lord Oglethorpe (our version of homecoming king). Also, it was surprisingly fun doing a couple of acts for our campus-wide charity drag show! We raised over $1,000 for ChrisKids, and I got to work with the dance team on my performance. My most rewarding experience on campus has definitely been being a Resident Assistant. I love organizing floor parties and campus-wide programs.

Fun facts about you: I worked at Bruster's Ice Cream for four years, my family has five cats and I've been to Australia and four countries in Europe.

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