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Dr. Hudson stands outside the Crypt of Civilization
Thornwell Jacobs inside the crypt chamber when work was under way. He is holding an interior liner of the canisters which would hold the microfilmed documents. The canisters were displaced with air through the tubulation before the inert gas was introduced.

The interior of the Crypt of Civilization, the swimming pool time capsule. Its contents represent an encyclopedic inventory of life and customs up until 1940 when the crypt was sealed, to be opened in 8113 A.D. It resembles a pyramid chamber, and pictographs decorate the walls.

One of twelve gigantic, treated glass jars in which sundry items were hermetically packed for storage in the crypt. A clock radio and a plastic bowl are visible. Toys - including a Donald Duck, the Lone Ranger, a Negro doll and Lincoln Logs - are also packed in the jars.
Some twentieth-century "artifacts" stored in the crypt. On the right are figurines dressed in late 1930's fashions. Nearby are 1940 models of a royal typewriter, a National cash register, and a white sewing machine. They might be considered collector's items after only half a century.

Stainless steel receptacles, contributed by the American Can Company, were lined with Corning glass. On microfilm are classics in the arts and sciences totaling over 640,000 pages.
The dedication of the great door took place on the Oglethorpe campus on May 28, 1938. The huge art deco panel, with its rectangular shapes and "moon hubcap" decoration was considered a work of industrial art. Jacobs points to the plaque fused onto the door. David Sarnoff stands next to Jacobs, and
Peters is next to Sarnoff.


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