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The Sciences - Sample Syllabi:






COR 401. Science and Human Nature: Biological Sciences: The senior year course deals with the way scientific methodologies inform current thinking on the nature of the human organism. Starting from basic genetic and psychological understandings, it emphasizes how evolutionary mechanisms may be seen as contributing to the origins of uniquely human behaviors. Elements of DNA structure as it applies to information storage and transmission, the regulation of gene expression and the mechanics of protein synthesis, mutation and its centrality in producing variation, sexual reproduction and how the laws of probability apply to biological systems, sex determination, "altruistic" behavior, and kin selection are among the topics explored.

COR 402. Science and Human Nature: Physical Sciences: Modern western society is largely science-dominated, and the consideration of science and its role in society is essential for any educated person. This core course investigates the practice of science by focusing specifically on scientific revolutions. It is during such periods of upheaval that we can most clearly see how science is actually practiced. What causes a new idea to challenge the scientific status quo? What determines whether the new idea will be accepted, or not? When seeking new explanations for natural events, what guides the scientist's search? The goal of this course is to equip the student with the necessary tools and background to seek answers to these questions, and others, for such questions are increasingly a part of each of our lives if we live those lives reflectively.


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