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A student who plans to attend a professional school of medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or veterinary medicine should plan a program of studies at Oglethorpe in consultation with a faculty member who is a designated pre-medical advisor. It is desirable for the pre-medical student to have a pre-medical advisor from the outset of the planning of his or her undergraduate program. It is essential that the student establish contact with a pre-medical advisor by the second semester of the studentís freshman year.

Professional schools of health science require for admission successful completion of a specified sequence of courses in the natural sciences, courses in the humanities and social sciences, as well as the submission of acceptable scores on appropriate standardized tests. However, pre-medical students have wide latitude of choice with regard to the major selected. Students should familiarize themselves with the particular admission requirements of the type of professional school they plan to enter prior to deciding on the course of study to be pursued at Oglethorpe. An excellent starting point for this preliminary study is "Health Professions Links" at http://www.naahp.org.

Some schools of medicine, dentistry, and veterinary medicine will admit highly qualified applicants who have completed all admission requirements for the professional school during three years of study at an undergraduate institution. (Four years of undergraduate work and a bachelorís degree are standard requirements; admission after three years is highly atypical and is not available at all schools.) It is possible for students to enter an allopathic, osteopathic or podiatric medical school, dental school or veterinary school (no other health professions schools are eligible) after three years of study at Oglethorpe and to complete their bachelorís degree under the Professional Option. By specific arrangement between the professional school and Oglethorpe University, and in accordance with regulations of both institutions, after successful completion of all academic requirements of the first year in the professional school, the student receives a degree from Oglethorpe University when certified to be in good standing at the professional school. Students interested in this possibility should consult with their advisors to make certain that all conditions are met; simultaneous enrollment in several science courses each semester during the three years at Oglethorpe likely will be required to meet minimum expectations for taking professional school admission tests and to meet admission requirements for the professional school. All Oglethorpe core courses must be completed before the student enrolls in the professional school.

An important note for international students: It is extremely difficult for international applicants who are not citizens or permanent residents of the United States to gain admission to American medical schools. State-supported medical schools rarely consider international applicants; private medical schools that accept international applicants generally require them to place in escrow the equivalent of one to four years tuition and fees (U.S. $40,000 to $200,000). There are very few scholarships available to support any students at American medical schools; in order to qualify for loans that are sponsored by the United States government, the applicant must be a citizen or permanent resident. International students who plan to become medical doctors by completing their education at an American medical school should consider these issues very carefully before enrolling in an undergraduate pre-medical program in the United States.

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