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Programs offered:

B.A. in Spanish
Minor in Spanish (TU)

Please consult the University Bulletin for degree requirements.

A student who chooses Spanish as a major will gain valuable knowledge, not only about the language, but also about the many unique and fascinating cultures represented in the Spanish-speaking world. Like all languages offered at Oglethorpe, the Spanish major is informed by "the five C's": communication, cultures, connections, comparisons, and communities. These areas represent the defined goals of the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning.

The journey toward a Spanish major begins with a thorough emphasis on reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. These essential skills prepare the student with the foundations for communicating in diverse contexts in the Spanish language. More advanced study of Spanish will enable the student to explore the treasures of Hispanic prose, poetry, drama and cinema, in addition to the study of colorful and intriguing Hispanic civilizations in Spain, Africa and Latin America. Through the course offerings in Spanish, students become more informed about America's Latino and Hispanic neighbors, in addition to becoming more functional global citizens.

Once students have reached an adequate level of proficiency in Spanish and have become familiar with Spanish-speaking populations and societies, they will be ready to complement their classroom studies with full-immersion study abroad opportunities. As an invaluable component of the Spanish major, students are required to study and live in a Spanish-speaking country for a semester during the academic year following the completion of an initial sequence of courses taken in the program. Most majors choose to study at one of a number of partner institutions such as the Universidad de Belgrano (Argentina), the Universidad de San Francisco de Quito (Ecuador) or at the Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente (Mexico). In addition, for the adventurous student, there are many other creative study abroad options available, all of which can be discussed with student advisors. Native speakers of Spanish are invited to complete the 12-semester hour requirements of study abroad in courses at Oglethorpe or through cross registration at one of the Atlanta Regional Consortium for Higher Education (ARCHE) institutions.

Many students who complete the Spanish major at Oglethorpe go on to carry out graduate programs at other institutions in Spanish language and literature, linguistics, Hispanic cultural studies, or International Relations. Other graduates from the program become Spanish instructors or find opportunities in corporate or non-profit organizations, where they continue to apply their language skills and global experiences. Students are also invited to combine a double major in Spanish with other disciplines, a combination which greatly enhances student marketability after graduation.

All students with previous study or experience in Spanish must take a language placement examination. They will be placed in the course sequence according to their competence. Under no circumstance should students with past experience in Spanish place themselves in courses, especially at the elementary level. Students are not eligible to enroll in elementary and intermediate courses in their native languages.

The following are possible courses offered on Spanish:

SPN 101, SPN 102. Elementary Spanish I, II

4 plus 4 hours

These courses are an introduction to understanding, speaking, reading, and writing Spanish. Emphasis will be placed on acquiring a foundation in basic grammar as well as on listening comprehension and spoken Spanish through class activities, tapes, and videos. Prerequisite: None for SPN 101; SPN 101 required for SPN 102, or placement by testing.
SPN 201. Intermediate Spanish

4 hours

This course is intended to review basic grammar and develop more complex patterns of written and spoken Spanish. Short compositions, readings from Spanish and Spanish-American literature and class discussions require active use of students' acquired knowledge of Spanish and form the basis for the expansion of vocabulary and oral expression. Prerequisite: SPN 102 or placement by testing.
SPN 301. Advanced Spanish

4 hours

This course is designed to improve students' skills to a sophisticated level at which they are able to discuss and express opinions in both oral and written form. Readings of essays and short-stories as well as film viewing in Spanish are used as the basis for discussion, introduction to cultural issues, and written expression. Frequent writing assignments. Prerequisite: SPN 201or placement by testing.
SPN 302. Introduction to Hispanic Literature

4 hours

This course offers an introduction to literary analysis based on a rigorous program of readings from Spanish and Spanish American literatures. It is a skills-building course that familiarizes students with the lexicon of literary criticism in Spanish and trains them to be active readers of Hispanic literature. Students read and analyze (orally and in writing) representative works of the four fundamental genres of literature: Narrative, Poetry, Drama, and Essay. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 301 or placement by testing.
SPN 305. Spanish for International Relations and Business

4 hours

In this course students will learn vocabulary appropriate to the world of international relations and business in order to understand both oral and written material on relevant issues. Students will read and discuss articles and newspapers in Spanish and explore common cross-cultural clashes and misunderstandings in order to improve intercultural communications as a means of succeeding in the global marketplace. When possible, there will be Spanish-speaking guests from the diplomatic and business communities of Atlanta. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 301 or placement by testing.
SPN 401. Special Topics in Hispanic Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

4 hours

This course provides the opportunity to study particular aspects of the languages, literatures and cultures of Spain, Spanish America or United States Hispanic communities not covered in the other courses. This course may be repeated for credit as course content changes. Prerequisite: SPN 301.
SPN 403. Political Issues in Spanish American Literature and Film

4 hours

The social and political upheavals that took place in several Spanish American countries during the 20th century spawned the development of a rich literary and cinematic corpus. This course will examine part of that corpus in its historical and cultural context and how political issues are aesthetically elaborated in fiction, poetry, essay and film. Among the topics to be studied are revolution, testimony, exile, and the Other as a figure of resistance. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 302.
SPN 404. Discourse of Golden-age Spain 4 hours
In this course, students will analyze Golden-age Spanish society through the literature produced during the 16th and 17th centuries, the two epochs that encompass the Spanish Siglos de Oro. Studied texts will reveal a young Spain altogether confident about its present, at times insecure about its future, and frequently ambivalent about its diverse past. Prerequisite: SPN 302.
SPN 405. 20th-Century Spanish American Literature

4 hours

This is a study of Spanish American literature from the 1930s to the present, focusing on its departure from the Realist tradition and its adoption of experimentation, self-reflection, parody, magical realism or the fantastic. Modern and post-modern trends will be examined. Readings include fiction by Borges, Fuentes, Cortázar, García Márquez, and Puig. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 302.
SPN 406. French and Spanish Crossroads in the Caribbean and Africa 4 hours
This course uses Spanish- and French-speaking countries in proximity to each other in the
Caribbean or Africa as a point of departure for literary, cultural, social and service learning
exploration. Offerings may focus upon Haiti and the Dominican Republic, Martinique and
Cuba, Equatorial Guinea in relation to Senegal or other appropriate pairings. The course is
taught in English and students without advanced skills in French or Spanish may register.
This course is also cross listed as FRE 406. Prerequisite: SPN 301 for Spanish major or
minor credit; FRE 301 for French major or minor credit.
SPN 410. The Development of Latin American Cultures

4 hours

This course introduces students to the diverse cultural heritage of Latin America paying special attention to the impact and consequences of the encounter between European, Native and African cultures in art, politics, and religion. Manifestations of cultural syncretism and diversity from the times of the Spanish conquest and colonization to the post-colonial polemics of cultural identity will be examined. Taught in Spanish. Prerequisite: SPN 302.

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