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  Students who plan to attend schools of nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, medical technology, or other allied health fields should plan their programs at Oglethorpe with the assistance of the faculty member serving as the Allied Health Advisor. The name of this advisor can be obtained at the Registrar's Office.

Preparation for admission to an allied health education program typically follows one of two models. In the first model, students are admitted to an allied health program after completing a group of required courses in specific academic areas during two years of college study. For students pursuing this option, a minimum of 64 semester hours credit earned at Oglethorpe and successful completion of the allied health education program in an accredited professional school are required to earn the Bachelor of Arts degree with an individually planned major. (See the description of the individually planned major.) The second model, which has become common practice in fields such as physical therapy, requires students to earn a bachelor's degree before being admitted to the allied health program. The degree awarded upon completion of the allied health program is typically a master's or doctoral degree. Students interested in this option may find that one of the majors regularly offered at Oglethorpe fulfills the admission requirements for the allied health program. In other cases, an individually planned major can be designed to meet the admission requirements of the allied health program.

Students who are exploring careers in allied health fields can find additional information about them at "Health Professions Links" and at "Careers in Allied Health".

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