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An Outline of Fundamental Fairness

Oglethorpe University grants students the following rights during the judicial process:

  1. The right to be notified of all charges as expeditiously as possible once enough evidence has been found to warrant a hearing.
  2. The right to refute the complaint being brought against them.
  3. The right to bring witnesses and evidence on their behalf.
  4. The right to have their case heard fairly and objectively.
  5. The right to remain silent without equating that silence to guilt.
  6. The right to appeal a decision of the Judicial Review Board or the judicial officer to the Dean of Students.
  7. The right to an advisor who is a student, faculty, or staff member at Oglethorpe University. The advisor may be present at the hearing and offer support and guidance to the student, but may not address the board or any other people present at the hearing.
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