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Minimum Standards for All Students

Students receiving financial aid must make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward the completion of course requirements in a degree program.  The Financial Aid Office will consider students to be making satisfactory academic progress if they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Satisfactory Completion Ratio
    Student must “satisfactory” complete at least 75% of the cumulative course work attempted* at Oglethorpe University.  Unsatisfactory grades which count against the student’s progress are:
    D If a “C” or better is required U Unsatisfactory
    WF Withdrew failing for the major W/NG Withdrew/No Grade
    F Failure WX Grade Withdrawn/Freshman Forgiveness Policy
    I Incomplete AU Audit, if course is changed from
    a credit course to audit course during the semester
    FA Failure by Absence    


  2. Because withdrawn courses count as attempted credits, excessive withdrawals, failures, and other non-completed grade statuses can lead to completion rate problems.
  3. Academic Good Standing and Maximum Time Frames

    Student must remain in “academic good standing” by achieving the minimum cumulative grade point average listed below:
    No. of Hours Earned Minimum Cumulative
    Grade Point Average
    0-24 1.50
    25-35 1.50
    36-48 1.75
    49-64 1.75
    65-72 2.00
    73-96 2.00
    97-120 2.00
    121-144 2.00

    Students must complete their program of study before they have attempted more than 150 % of the published number of required credits.  For example, students enrolled in degree programs that require 127 credits must complete all required courses by the time they have attempted 190 credits.

    *Attempted credits include credit courses, non-credit developmental courses, transfer courses, incomplete grades, withdraw, failed, and forgiven courses.

  4. Annual Review
    Generally, the “Satisfactory Progress” requirements will be reviewed at the completion of each spring semester.  If the student is not meeting these requirements, Oglethorpe     University will send a written notification to the student placing them on “Financial Aid Probation” for the fall semester. The student may continue to receive aid during this probationary period, but will be encouraged to enroll in summer session courses at Oglethorpe University in order to make up the deficiency.

Minimum Standards for Students on Probation

While students are on probation, they must complete all attempted credits with grades of “C” or better and they must also only attempt courses that are required to complete their program of study.  Students will be re-suspended if they receive any additional W (withdraw), D, F, WF, FA, U, WX, NG, or I (Incomplete) grades.

Reestablishing Eligibility

Students whose SAP appeals are denied may be able to reestablish eligibility by completing the courses at their own expense with grades of “C” or better.  After completing these requirements, students may submit SAP appeals to request reinstatement of their financial aid eligibility.

Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Appeal Process

Suspended students may appeal for reinstatement of their eligibility by completing a SAP Appeal form.  Appeals MUST include documentation of any extenuating circumstance, such as a doctor’s statement verifying serious illness or injury.

If a student has attempted more than 150% of credits needed to complete his/her program of study, he/she must meet with an advisor before submitting his/her SAP Appeal, and must include a report from his/her advisor with the appeal. 

The SAP committee will review all completed appeals and determine if the student’s circumstances warrant full reinstatement, probationary reinstatement, or suspension.  Students who are placed on SAP probation may receive aid for their term of attendance, but their progress will be reevaluated at the end of that term.  If they are not making progress, their financial aid will be suspended. 

Students whose appeals are denied will be notified of the decision within 5 working days.

Appeal Deadlines

Please submit your appeal immediately and we will reply with a decision as soon as possible.

We cannot offer you any aid until your appeal is approved.  If you want to receive an appeal decision before your classes start, you must submit your appeal at least 15 business days before your classes start.  If your classes have already started and you were expecting financial aid funds to pay your tuition bill, you must make other arrangements to pay for the semester.  If your appeal is approved after the semester has begun, we may be able to retroactively pay financial aid for the entire semester. 

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