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Applicants for federal aid, state grants, or institutional need-based programs must be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of their degree requirements and be in good academic standing with the University in order to receive financial aid consideration. Students must meet at least the following requirements:
  1. Satisfactory Completion Ratio - Students must satisfactorily complete at least 75 percent of the cumulative course work attempted at Oglethorpe University. Unsatisfactory grades that count against the student’s progress are:

    D – If a "C-" or better is required for the major
    F – Failure
    FA – Failure by Absence
    NG – No Grade
    W – Withdrew Passing
    WF – Withdrew Failing
    WX – Grade Withdrawn/Freshman Forgiveness Policy
    I – Incomplete
    U – Unsatisfactory
    AU – Audit
  2. Repeated Courses - Courses that are being repeated will not be considered when determining financial aid eligibility unless a grade of at least a "C" is required to fulfill the degree requirements. The student must notify the Office of Financial Aid if a course is being repeated.
  3. Good Academic Standing and Maximum Time Frames - Students must remain in good academic standing by achieving the minimum cumulative grade-point average and by completing their degree requirements within the maximum time frames listed below:
    Number of Hours Earned Minimum Cumulative
    Grade-Point Average
    Maximum Years to
    Complete Program *
    0-24 1.50 1
    25-35 1.50 2
    36-48 1.75 2
    49-64 1.75 3
    65-72 2.00 3
    73-96 2.00 4
    97-120 2.00 5
    121-144 2.00 5

    *Based upon full-time enrollment. The maximum time frame for students enrolled part time will be pro- rated. Students who earn over 144 hours will not be eligible for financial aid unless approved through the appeal process.

  4. Academic Standing Consistent with Graduation Requirements - Students who have completed their second academic year (measured as a period of time, not grade level) must maintain at least a 2.0 cumulative grade-point average in order to be academically consistent with Oglethorpe University’s graduation requirements.
  5. Annual Review - The satisfactory progress requirements will be reviewed at the completion of each spring semester. If the student is not meeting these requirements, written notification will be sent to the student placing him or her on "Financial Aid Probation" for the fall semester. The student may continue to receive aid during this probationary period but will be encouraged to enroll in summer session courses at Oglethorpe University in order to make up the deficiency. Any student who is not in compliance with the requirements by the end of the fall probationary period will not be eligible for financial aid for the spring or subsequent sessions until the requirements are met or a written appeal is submitted and approved.
  6. Appeal Process - If significant mitigating circumstances have hindered a student’s academic performance and the student is unable to make up the deficiencies by the end of the financial aid probationary period, the student may present those circumstances in a written appeal to the Admission and Financial Aid Committee. Documentation to support the appeal, such as medical statements, should also be presented. The appeal should be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester for which the student wishes to receive consideration. The student will be notified in writing if the appeal has been approved or denied.


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