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Does IT Services ever ask for my login ID and/or password via email?

No! Do not give out your login ID and/or password because of an email request.

A serious scam targeted to educational institutions has again come to our attention. And, sadly a few of our fellow community members have already fallen for it.

There is SPAM going around purporting to come from IT Services (or something similar) that is asking for your user ID (ex: jsmith) and password.

IT Services NEVER asks for your user ID or password via email. We ask you to NEVER give your email ID and password (or ANY personal information) out to anyone over email. This policy of not asking for your user ID and password via email will NOT change regardless of whether you get an official looking email saying it has.

Sometimes these emails do look very official. They might even look like they are coming from IT Services. But, they are not from us. For an example of a fraudulent email, please see below. If you have doubts or are concerned, please contact us at the HelpDesk. We are always happy to help.

If you have already given out your email ID and password via one of these emails, please contact the HelpDesk ASAP. Please also immediately change your password in OASIS at the link off the front of the Oglethorpe homepage.

When users give out their ID and password via this scam, hackers turn around, log in and take a snapshot of our user directory. They then further use the compromised accounts to send vast amounts of SPAM.

The results of this has been:

  • A huge increase in the amount of SPAM everyone is getting because these SPAMMERS now know our user directory.
  • It has also caused the University as a whole to be temporarily placed on some email “Blacklists”. That means some of our email doesn’t get through until the systems team can get our name removed which, sadly, takes a great deal of time and effort.

Maintaining the security of the University requires the cooperation of the entire community. Help us help you by being careful what you send out via email.

For further information, please contact us at the HelpDesk via OASIS, at (404)364-8518 or help@oglethorpe.edu.

Example of Fraudulent Email:

From: Help Desk [infodesk@<deleted>]
Sent: Friday, April 17, 2009 1:35 PM
Subject: "oglethorpe.edu" Email Account Confirmation

Attn. "oglethorpe.edu" Webmail Users,

We regret to announce to you that we will be making some vital maintenance on our {oglethorpe.edu} website. During this process you might have login problems in signing into your Online account, but to prevent this you have to confirm your account immediately after you receive this notification.

To confirm and to keep your account active during and after this process, please reply to this message with the below account information.

Failure to do this might cause a permanent deactivation of your user account from our database to enable us create more spaces for new users.


E-mail ID:
E-mail Password:
Date of birth:

Your account shall remain active after you have successfully confirmed your account details.

Thanks for bearing with us.

Warning Code: 002671

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