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How do I work with the Oglethorpe SPAM system?

Our e-mail system is now operating with a new junk e-mail (“spam”) filter called Microsoft Forefront. Like all such filters, it is not 100% perfect and will make "mistakes" from time to time – sometimes an e-mail you want to receive will be sent to the Junk E-Mail folder, and sometimes an unwanted e-mail will still land in your Inbox.

It is important that you NOT reply to an unwanted e-mail. Replying invites more e-mail from spammers and scammers, and it confuses our junk filter, making it think that you want to receive e-mail from that sender.

Please use the following buttons in Outlook to provide feedback about e-mail misrouted by the junk filter:

  • For wanted email appearing in your Junk E-Mail folder, press the Not Junk button. You will see a pop-up asking you to confirm that you want to always trust mail coming from the sender of the message.

  • For unwanted junk e-mail appearing in your Inbox, press the Report as Junk and Delete button. This button looks like an envelope with a red circle and slash covering it, and it appears in the toolbar next to the address book search as shown.

You will see a confirmation pop-up reminding you that the message will be forwarded off-site to Microsoft, who services our junk e-mail filter. After they receive the message, they will also send you an automatic confirmation e-mail. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the automatic confirmation, but you will only receive it once within a 24 hour period.

As always, we’re here to help. Please feel free to contact us via OASIS, e-mail or telephone, or visit our Help Desk in Goodman Hall.

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