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IT Services Policies

  1. Files saved to network storage are backed up to tape on the following schedule:

    a. All files are backed up over the weekend

    b. Any files that have changed since the prior weekend are backed up nightly

  2. These backup tapes are retained for 8 weeks and then erased, recycled, or otherwise destroyed. This means that any file deleted from network storage will be unrecoverable after 8 weeks.
  3. Employees: When an employee leaves the University and their former account is deactivated per the Account & Network ID Policy, all the associated data such as files and/or e-mail associated with that former employee’s account will normally be retained for 4 weeks and then will be deleted. The former employee’s supervisor will be notified before any data associated with the account is deleted. Further, the former employee’s supervisor may request an extension to the retention period, in writing, prior to the 4 weeks after the employee has left the University.
  4. Students: Accounts deactivated per the Account & Network ID Policy will be retained for 4 weeks before it (and all the associated data such as files and/or e-mail) is deleted.
  5. Data that is maintained on the University Administrative Computing System (Datatel Colleague or Benefactor) is permanently retained at the discretion of the department/division for their area of accountability. Data administrators are responsible for the accuracy, completeness and retention of data files in their areas.
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