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  • Network ID
    is your individually assigned identification for use on all Oglethorpe University electronic information technology systems. This gives you access to e-mail, network (Windows Server) resources, remote access, web based services and other electronic resources. This is commonly referred to as your "username" or "login name." There is no charge for a Network ID for eligible individuals (see below for eligibility criterion).
  • Sponsored ID
    is a Network ID provided to an otherwise non-eligible individual. These accounts must be sponsored by a faculty or senior staff member with a current, non-sponsored Oglethorpe Network ID, as well as the approval of the sponsor's department chair or an appropriate Vice President. The sponsor must provide written documentation to IT Services indicating the business need for the sponsored ID and must further accept full responsibility for all activities that occur with the account.

    A Sponsored ID is good for one calendar year, and must be renewed on an annual basis.

  • Access Codes
    are any form of Information used to authenticate, secure or control electronic information technology systems. This includes, but is not limited to, logon ID's, passwords, keys, and account numbers.


The following individuals are eligible for an Oglethorpe University Network ID

  1. Full and part time Oglethorpe faculty and staff
  2. Currently enrolled students obtaining a degree from Oglethorpe University
  3. Students taking a class offered by Oglethorpe University - these students will receive an Oglethorpe Network ID only for the semester(s) when they are taking an Oglethorpe course that is offered for credit.
  4. Individuals teaching an Oglethorpe University course
  5. Temporary workers while they are working at Oglethorpe University
  6. Employees on official sabbaticals or leaves of absences

The following individuals would need to obtain a Sponsored Oglethorpe University Network ID

  1. Consultants paid by Oglethorpe University who REQUIRE an Oglethorpe account to do their work
  2. Visiting faculty who are not teaching a course and are not being paid by the University

The following does not, in and of itself, qualify an individual for an Oglethorpe University Network ID:

  1. Alumni and recent graduates of Oglethorpe University - Alumni are eligible for guest access to use the labs and have certain other electronic rights and access available through the Office of Alumni Relations.
  2. Retirees of the school - Retirees may apply to keep their Oglethorpe Network ID with the Provost.


  1. All eligible individuals are assigned a Network ID based upon their legal name as officially documented with the University. This Network ID will not be changed unless

    a. Your legal name changes (e.g. due to marriage, divorce, etc.)

    b. Your assigned Network ID is offensive.

    PLEASE NOTE: Random nicknames, non-associated names, titles, etc. are expressly not supported by the University. Middle names or common nicknames for legal names ARE supported only IF Human Resources and/or Admissions is told in advance of the account creation.
  2. Access to electronic systems is a privilege that has an accompanying responsibility to protect those systems. In general, you are responsible for all usage done under your Access Codes. Should you choose to disclose your Access Codes to others, you will be held responsible for the resulting usage. In particular, you should never disclose Access Codes which were intended to provide you alone with personal access to University electronic systems. You should avoid disclosing your Access Codes, even when requested to by someone who says it is necessary to work on a problem.
  3. Disclosure may put you and/or the person to whom you have disclosed your Access Codes in violation of an applicable license or contract. You should take all reasonable precautions, including but not limited to, password changes and other file protection measures, to prevent unauthorized use of the systems and software accessible by means of your Access Codes.
  4. Once a person becomes ineligible for a Network ID, all Sponsored Network IDs listing that person as a sponsor also become ineligible. New sponsors must be found and reported to IT Services in writing or via e-mail to helpdesk@oglethorpe.edu
  5. In general, each eligible person will receive one Network ID.
  6. Faculty and staff may request a temporary account on a specific electronic system if that account is needed for testing or development purposes.

    a. This request must be made in writing (or via e-mail to help@oglethorpe.edu) and must include justification as to why this account is needed.

    b. These account requests are granted at the discretion of the Chief Information Officer, and may be discontinued at any time.

    c. IT Services will assign the temporary Network ID for this account; the Network ID cannot be selected by the requestor.

    d. A temporary account, if granted, will be active for 1 year or until the owner of the account is no longer eligible for Oglethorpe network accounts. At the end of the year period, IT Services will contact the owner of the test account and renew the account if it is still needed.

    e. The temporary account is only valid for one person - multiple people using the test account will result in the disabling of the test account.

  7. Login ID changes for users are no longer conducted during the course of the academic semester. Any login ID changes will need to wait until the end of the academic semester to be processed. We can accept the requests during the semester but the ID WILL NOT BE CHANGED until the end of the academic semester.


The following outlines the process for deactivating those people no longer eligible for an Oglethorpe Account (Network ID):

  1. Employees:  Unless an explicit exemption is granted (e.g. retirement or prior arrangement with IT Services and/or HR), employee Network IDs (faculty & staff) are deactivated immediately following the end of their last day of work and/or their effective termination date which ever comes first.
  2. Students:

    a. Graduation – Upon graduation, a student’s Network ID will generally remain active until after the date of record (end of drop/add period) following the start of the next Fall semester. Generally, this date falls in early September. Students will generally be given at least one month of notice before deactivation.

    b. Non-returning – Students who transfer, withdraw or otherwise do not return to the University will have their Network IDs deactivated at the earlier date of either:

    i)  notification by the Registrar’s office or

    ii) three consecutive terms of no active classes.

    No notice is generally given for account deactivations of this type.

    Students wishing to take a leave of absence and not have their Network IDs deactivated should  notify and obtain agreement with the Registrar in advance.
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