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The Goal of the Oglethorpe University website is to communicate in a clear and consistent manner the university's mission, vision and key messages to its primary target audience, prospective students. 

To meet this goal, University Communications (UC) and the Office of Information Technology Services (IT) have partnered to provide services to the university community that include a catalog of templates, website elements and consulting services.

Areas of Responsibility:

Oglethorpe's website is regarded as an official publication of Oglethorpe University. As the primary means by which constituents learn about the university, the Oglethorpe website must reflect the university in a consistent manner. The website is designed to match the university’s identity standards.

Content on the university's website is overseen by PR using a technological infrastructure managed by IT. PR maintains ownership for all aspects of the content, look, feel, interface and navigation of the website.

Oglethorpe's main website (http://www.oglethorpe.edu) encompasses the home page and all pages linked from main navigation, including, but not limited to:

  • About Us
  • Admission
  • Academics
  • Athletics
  • Alumni
  • Campus Life

Content Management

As part of its infrastructure duties, IT selects, provides and maintains a content management system (CMS) for use by approved individuals in each department to create, update and maintain their section(s) of the website. Training on the use of CMS is offered on a regular basis by IT in both a classroom setting as well as individually. For information on and access to the CMS system, please contact IT.

The CMS system provides many functions. Among those are:

  • Content Review: While each CMS user is responsible for providing and updating their own area of the website, PR will review and approve all edits for consistency and style matching the OU Style Guidelines.
  • Templates: The standard OU template will be used throughout the OU website in order to maintain a consistent look and feel.
  • Text Styles: Styles have been selected to be consistent with the OU Style Guidelines. If your area of the website requires different styles, please contact UC for approval.
  • Custom Coding: If your area of the website requires custom coding, please contact IT for assistance.
  • Security: The CMS security model is maintained by IT. If new users need to be added, or access is required for a specific area of the site, please contact IT for assistance.

Content Guidelines:

  • Commercial advertising is not permitted on any Oglethorpe-hosted website.
  • Student organization pages and faculty personal pages are not required to use the standard Oglethorpe template, nor be submitted to UC for review.
  • Web pages and content posted on the Oglethorpe website must comply with all applicable copyright, privacy and/or trademark law, rules, regulations and university policies.
  • Content on all web pages on an Oglethorpe-hosted website must adhere to the university’s Oglethorpe University Standards Manual, and Statement of Computing Ethics guidelines.
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