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Oglethorpe University's connection to the Internet is a resource shared by all members of the Oglethorpe community. As such, to ensure that all users of our network are able to access academic resources at the University, a network traffic monitoring system is in place. Specific network activities that generate heavy traffic, usually caused by uploading and downloading large files, are monitored and controlled to keep Internet traffic flowing smoothly for the campus.

Excessive Use

Individual computers that are identified by the monitoring software as transferring files in excess of acceptable limits will have their Internet connection limited, suspended, or terminated automatically by the network. This may happen at any time without notice. Connectivity will resume after a period of no less than 24 hours. Multiple repeated violations may result in permanent loss of network connectivity.

If students experience unexpected loss of Internet connectivity, please consider your on-line activity before contacting IT Services to report an Internet outage. In addition, please keep in mind that computers infected with spyware or a virus may increase network traffic without the user's knowledge. Appropriate precautions and cleaning of your computer is encouraged.

IT Services appreciates responsible use of this limited resource. For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at the helpdesk.

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