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Oglethorpe University provides a wide variety of computing, networking and other technology facilities in order to promote and support academic pursuits. Information Technology Services (IT Services) maintains and supports computing and networking services as well as other technologies in support of the university mission.

By using University technology resources, all users agree to abide by all University rules and policies, as well as any and all local, state and federal laws. All users have the responsibility to use computing technology resources in an effective, efficient, ethical and lawful manner. Violations of this policy may result in suspension, without notice, of privileges to use the resources and services, disciplinary action, including possible termination, and/or legal action. Any questions regarding this and other policies should be addressed to the Director of IT Services.

General Responsibilities

  1. Individual Use: Network and computing accounts are for individual use, and should only be used by the person to whom it has been issued. Users are responsible for all actions originating through their account or network connection. Users must not impersonate others, or attempt to misrepresent or conceal their identity in electronic messages and actions. Users must not use University resources for any purpose inconsistent with Oglethorpe's status as a non-profit entity. Finally, users may not send mass email to the University or subgroups of the University via already existing lists or lists gleaned from the global address book without prior authorization.
  2. E-mail Use: Oglethorpe University encourages the appropriate use of e-mail. In this, users must follow certain. All users are expected to adhere to the bounds of decency, law, ethics, common sense, and good taste in e-mail communications. Confidentiality of e-mail is not guaranteed. Users should not assume that messages they send or receive are absolutely private. Views expressed by individual users are not necessarily the views of Oglethorpe University.
  3. Intellectual Property: Users must comply with all copyrights laws and fair use provisions, software licenses, and all other state and federal laws governing intellectual property. Inappropriate reproduction and/or distribution of copyright music, movies, computer software, text, images, etc. is strictly prohibited.


Oglethorpe University will take reasonable efforts to ensure that your user files and e-mail messages remain private. Further, the University does not routinely monitor the contents of user files and/or messages. However, given the nature of computers and electronic communications, we cannot in any way guarantee, unless legal requirements dictate otherwise, the absolute privacy of your files and information. Users must take reasonable precautions and understand that there is a risk that in some circumstances others can, either intentionally or unintentionally, gain access to files and/or messages. Where it appears that the integrity, security or functionality of the University's computer or network resources are at risk, Oglethorpe University reserves the right to take whatever actions it deems necessary (including, but not limited to, monitoring activity and viewing files) to investigate and resolve the situation.

The University will treat personal files and communications as confidential and will only examine or disclose their contents when authorized by the owner or under the following circumstances:

  1. Criminal investigation: IT Services will comply with any criminal or civil legal proceedings, and provide any and all data requested in a legal subpoena in a timely fashion. The user will be informed of this action unless IT Services is legally bound to secrecy.
  2. Termination of employment: IT Services will, upon written request of a department head and/or Vice President, and after verification that a user has left the University, change that user's password and provide the new password to the user's former department head or director.
  3. Internal administrative request (i.e. harassment allegation, discrimination, job performance, etc): Any request of an internal nature to examine a user's e-mail or electronic data must be made in writing to the Director of IT Services. Once this request is received, the combined authorization of the Chief Information Officer and the appropriate Provost and/or Vice President is necessary to approve the request and outline the scope and method of the search; who will be provided the results of the search; and decide whether the affected user will be notified and if so, if it will be before or after the search is completed. In general, users will be notified of the search unless the circumstances of the request dictate otherwise.

Use of Oglethorpe's computer, network and telecommunication resources and services constitutes acceptance of this E-mail and Computer Use Policy.

All professional staff members of the IT Services department are required to sign a confidentiality agreement regarding any and all user information they may come across in the performance of their duties.

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