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IT Services recommends that students connect to the Oglethorpe network with a computer running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium or better. While Apple, Unix/Linux-based, or older versions of Windows computers can also be used on our network, IT Services is unable to provide support or assistance for these systems.

Recommended Hardware

DellOglethorpe University has negotiated special pricing for our students, faculty and staff from DELL.  IT Services recommends one of these DELL desktop or laptop computers for incoming students.

IT Services also recommends the use of a USB Drive for easy transport of documents from their room to the labs instead of CD's.  The OU Bookstore sells USB Drives for anyone who needs them.

Recommended Software

Each student's computing needs are different, so Oglethorpe has negotiated special pricing on various software packages from Adobe, Macromedia, Microsoft, and others. 

On-campus students will be required to install an antivirus program before connecting to the campus network. A free program that is recommended is Microsoft Security Essentials. We do not recommend McAfee, as it has been known to cause errors and connection problems when attempting to connect to our network.

Oglethorpe University supports the following network connections: 

Wi-Fi - Campus-Wide Wireless Connection

Our wireless network is very extensive and provides a connection in all our academic buildings and dormitory areas. For best results, IT Services recommends that your computer is up-to-date with all the latest service patches, and is using a wireless adapter that supports the 802.11g standard and is using the latest drivers.

Traditional Wired - Ethernet Port Connection

Any computer connecting to our wired network will need a Network Interface Card (NIC). This card must be a 10 Base-T or 10/100 Base-T Ethernet card with an RJ-45 connection. These are now commonly built into the computer itself, but if not, some brands to look for are 3Com, Linksys, and SMC. 

You will need a Category 5 Ethernet network cord to connect from the NIC to the port on the wall, and the length will depend on where you put your computer in your dorm room. Also, some classrooms on campus have network connections available for students at their desks.

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