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Alcohol and Drug Policy

  1. Oglethorpe University expects students to comply with federal, state and local laws concerning the possession and use of alcoholic beverages and drugs. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons under the age of twenty one and the furnishing of alcohol to an individual under twenty one are violations of state law. The possession, use or distribution of illegal drugs or substances (such as GBL or other date rape "drugs") used for illicit purposes on campus will be subject to disciplinary action by the University and may constitute a violation of law that can result in fines or imprisonment by federal, state or local authorities. Any use of alcoholic beverages or drugs on campus that results in a violation of the "General Campus Rules and Regulations" may subject the student to sanctions applying to these infractions as well as to sanctions for violating the alcohol and drug policy.
  2. The use of alcoholic beverages on campus by students of legal age is permitted only in the privacy of their living quarters or at events or in locations specifically authorized by the Dean of Students. If all members of a room or suite are under the legal drinking age, no alcohol may be present in that room at any time. Residents cannot host open invitation or large private parties with alcoholic beverages. This policy specifically prohibits large quantities of alcohol and beer kegs on the campus. Open containers of an alcoholic beverage are not permitted outdoors in public areas of the residence halls or elsewhere in campus buildings or on campus grounds, except where specifically authorized. Public areas include lounges, lobbies, study rooms, hallways, laundry/utility rooms and all courtyards, patios, grounds, sidewalks, and parking lots.
  3. University guidelines that apply whenever alcoholic beverages are available at off-campus functions sponsored by student organizations include the following: the alcohol, which is available to those of legal drinking age who wish to drink, should be provided only by or through the management of the establishment rented for the function, served only by licensed bartenders and sold at a reasonable price; alternative non-alcoholic beverages must be available in adequate supply; food or snacks should be served; a reasonable time limit to end the party should be set; sober and safe transportation should be provided to avoid anyone! driving while intoxicated; and any other effort or provision should by made by the host organization to control the function, encourage responsible conduct and monitor problems of intoxication to better ensure a safe, enjoyable party. Valid complaints of disruptive or unruly behavior, personal injury or damage to property arising from the use of alcohol may subject the organization and the individuals involved to disciplinary action.
  4. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs on campus will be dealt with as a severe disciplinary matter. Students who have been determined to be driving under the influence will have their driving privileges suspended on campus; local police may be called to investigate alleged cases of driving under the influence. Campus Safety reserves the right to question individuals driving on campus when there is cause to believe the driver to be under the influence. Campus Safety has the right to ask those drivers entering campus to park their cars and walk if there is cause to believe that they are under the influence.
  5. Paraphernalia, equipment and other devices designed to increase the rate of consumption or intake of alcohol or illegal drugs such as bongs, funnels and kegs are prohibited from campus.
  6. In addition to these policies, the University expects fraternities and sororities to follow the alcohol risk management policies outlined by their national offices.


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