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Sanctions for Violations of University Policy
A student found in violation of University policy will be subject to one or more of the following sanctions:

Formal Reprimand - a written statement to a violator with a warning of more stringent disciplinary action in the event of future violations.

Restitution - a requirement to make payment to compensate for personal injury or for damage to, loss of or misappropriation of property.

Fine - a monetary penalty imposed for a violation of a rule which may be assessed together with another sanction.

Community Service - an assignment to a job or project of a reasonable nature which may relate to the offense committed or work imposed in lieu of payment of a fine if financial hardship is determined.

Suspension of Privileges - a loss of privileges for a stated period of time to use campus facilities or services related to housing, food services, recreational areas, traffic and parking or social activity spaces. Students also may be suspended from some or all co-curricular activities for a stated period of time.

Disciplinary Sanction - a written official statement to an offender for a serious offense or for repeated minor violations which is sent to the student and the student's parents. Being on disciplinary warning lowers the student's level of good standing with the University and may result in the loss of certain privileges.

Disciplinary Probation - an action which encumbers the student's good standing in the University for a stated period of time and may include restrictions of campus privileges or exclusion from participation in extracurricular activities.

Disciplinary Suspension - an action which dictates that for a fixed period of time the student may not remain on nor visit the campus to participate in any academic or other activity of the University.

Interim Suspension -at the discretion of the Dean of Students, an accused student may be required to leave campus pending the outcome of any hearing if it is determined that there is serious reason to question the health, safety and welfare of any member of the community including the accused.

Disciplinary Expulsion - an action which imposes permanent dismissal on the student and prohibits any future enrollment or participation in activities of the University.

Note: The University reserves the right to impose alternative sanctions, conditions and/or restrictions as necessary.


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