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The ARCHE program has allowed many students to take advantage of the opportunity of the vast amount of knowledge that Atlanta has to offer. Below are some testimonials from students who have studied at various other schools involved in the ARCHE cross registration program.

Chloe Webster-Wilkins, Sophomore
Kennesaw, Ga.
Major: International studies with Asian concentration
ARCHE Cross Registration Class: Chinese at Kennesaw State University

Chloe has been taking Chinese since high school in North Cobb County, Ga. – “My mother went to Hong Kong and kind of brought it home with her,” she explained. Since Japanese is the only Asian language offered at Oglethorpe University, Chloe started looking around for opportunities. “Cross registration helped because I had more of an interest in China than in Japan…At Kennesaw, we have a native speaker who’s a really good teacher, and we get to participate in cultural events.” Already, Chloe has signed up for the China study abroad trip for summer 2011 when the students will be housed in the International Shanghai University. For now, at Kennesaw, she has a student ID which gives her access to parking, the gym, the library and any events on campus. “As a cross registration student,” she said, “I get to use all the amenities KSU students have – I’m not restricted at all. It’s cool to make friends and get used to two different schools and campuses!”

Seth Langer, Sophomore
Decatur, Ga.
Major: Theatre
ARCHE Cross Registration Class: Directing and Acting Speeches and Monologues at Emory University

The two classes Seth enrolled in are competitive – and connected. Both professors of his Emory classes work with Georgia Shakespeare, OU’s theater-in-residence program, so Seth already knew them from his theatre work over the summer. Once enrolled in the Emory classes, he auditioned for a role in Almost Maine, an Emory student production so he’s enjoying two campuses, two programs and a handy stopping point between the two. “Even though it has been frazzling to travel back and forth, I sometimes get to stop at my parents’ house do my homework, eat, play with my dog and take a nap.” Seth said, “Yes, it’s hard to be in two places at once, but this experience has been rewarding – the whole ARCHE program is absolutely wonderful! -- and I will continue to take classes next semester.” There is also a personal side benefit to cross registration for Seth: “I get to spend time with my best friend, Jake [a student at Emory], who I’ve known since second grade. Our entire lives all we’ve wanted to do is play together and do theatre. He’s in both my classes!”

Hannah Parker, Junior
Valdosta, Ga.
Major: Biopsychology
ARCHE Class Registration: General Chemistry at Agnes Scott

Hannah said she was looking for a program that offered a year’s worth of chemistry she could finish over the summer. “The process was easy,” she said. “I just filled out a transient application for Agnes Scott and an agreement for financial aid. Both Oglethorpe and Agnes Scott were helpful and information throughout the process.” While working for the OU Summer Camp program, Hannah also got the credit hours she wanted, and she got to experience another liberal arts college. “I thought the advances they had in their science department were very neat. They used I-Clickers as an alternative to keep students involved, and I really enjoyed them.”

Diana Alqud, Sophomore
Gwinett County, Ga.
Major: undecided
ARCHE Cross Registration: Criminal Justice and Intermediate French, Georgia State University

Diana was motivated to look into the ARCHE program to find a more developed French program. Not only did she find that but also found her way around a sprawling downtown campus, including the library and the cafe. “It was very awesome,” she said. “I’ve met a lot of people and it’s nice getting a change of campus environment and gaining experience driving over more parts of Atlanta.” She’s hoping to continue cross registration – maybe at another state university.

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