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Membership in the Community
As members of the Oglethorpe University campus community residential students have a specific set of rights and responsibilities. Problems develop when one person fulfills his/her responsibilities and another does not. Residence life policies and regulations are designed to give a clear understanding of what is expected of you as an Oglethorpe University resident. It is important to recognize that a large number of individuals live together in a residence hall. This density of people creates a special need for being aware of how one's individual actions can have a direct effect on others and easily influence the environment of the entire hall. With these ideas in mind, the Office of Residence Life has established a number of guidelines that are intended to give you and your neighbors a standard by which you can live and learn together.

Responsibilities of Community Living
As an important member of this residential community you have the responsibility to:

  1. Verbally express your views to the person(s) involved, should you feel your rights have been violated.

  2. Treat other residents with respect and consideration and grant them their individual rights.

  3. Understand all policies and regulations necessary for the hall and University community to function.

  4. Respond to all reasonable requests from fellow residents.

  5. Respond to and cooperate with all Oglethorpe University and residence hall staff members at all times.

  6. Take responsibility for personal and community safety; i.e. do not misuse safety equipment, do not prop open security doors and do not lose, loan, or forget room keys.

  7. Accept responsibility for your behavior and that of your guests at all times.

  8. Recognize that public areas and their furnishings belong to everyone and that abuse of those areas violates the rights of all community members.

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