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Policy Statement on Student Organizations
Campus student organizations include activities and clubs recognized through the Oglethorpe Student Government Association (SGA), student publications organized under the Publications Council, co-curricular groups and honorary societies chartered at the University and fraternities and sororities coordinated by the Interfraternity Council or the Panhellenic Council. Student organizations are subject to the authority and regulations of the University. Recognition and continuation of a campus student organization requires that the philosophy and purpose of the group's activities be consistent with the philosophy and purpose of the University. National affiliation of student organizations is subject to approval of the University.

Eligibility for membership or active participation in student organizations is limited to currently enrolled students at Oglethorpe University. Eligibility to serve as an officer or in an official capacity in a student organization is restricted to full time, currently registered students who are not on academic or disciplinary probation. Any questions concerning eligibility for membership or holding office in a student organization are subject to final determination by the Vice President for Campus Life.

All student organizations must have a University faculty or staff advisor. Each group must renew its status annually by reporting any changes in its name or purpose, as well as the names of its members, officers and advisor to the Campus Life Office at the beginning of each fall semester. Failure to comply with these provisions may result in the organization being declared inactive. An organization declared inactive or determined to be defunct must reapply for recognition to be reactivated.

Recognition of Campus Organizations
Groups desiring to form a campus student organization must follow the appropriate process prescribed by the SGA, the Publications Council, the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council or the University. Generally, recognition of a new student organization requires a proposed constitution that contains a statement of purpose, along with a list of members, officers, and an advisor. Charters of new organizations must be approved initially by the student recognition body and subsequently by the University. Information and advice on the procedures and process are available from the Director of Student Activities.
Discipline of Student Organizations
Student organizations exist in a special relationship to the University. In the event that a student organization is accused of violating University rules and regulations, the organization will undergo a judicial process similar to that for individual students and will be accorded the rights of fundamental fairness and presumption of innocence. However, during the time prior to the judicial review process, the Vice President for Student Affairs may suspend the activities of the organization. The right of privacy guaranteed to individuals by FERPA does not apply to organizations.

A judicial officer will appoint a judicial panel composed of students, staff and faculty members to hear the case. If the organization is found guilty of violating a University rule or regulation the judicial officer will impose a sanction. The organization has the right to appeal the sanction in writing to the Vice President for Campus Life. The appeal must be made in writing within five business days of the imposition of the sanction.

Policy on Student Publications
Oglethorpe University supports the publication of the student newspaper, The Stormy Petrel; the campus yearbook, The Yamacraw; and the literary magazine, The Tower. Since these publications are funded by revenues collected by the University, the ultimate responsibility for these publications lies with the University. Each publication has at least one faculty or staff advisor.

The Publications Council is composed of one faculty or staff advisor from each publication, the Vice President for Campus Life, two members of the SGA Executive Council and three additional students selected by the SGA. The Council makes the final selection of the publication editors, establishes and reviews policies related to the publications, hears complaints or grievances directed against a member of a publication staff, and makes the final decision about the removal from office of an editor.

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