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Oglethorpe University expects all students to have health insurance. If you need assistance with finding health insurance on your own, please feel free to contact us for guidance.

All degree seeking students (not transient students) click here to complete the online immunization compliance form,this form is required prior to registering for and attending any classes for details on how to submit your required health information.

Click here to enroll in an Oglethorpe University Student Health Plans detailed below

Oglethorpe University Student Health Plans

Oglethorpe University seeks to provide all students with quality health care services. For the 2015-2016 Academic Year, we have selected SmartCare Urgent Care to serve as Oglethorpe's Official health care partner - click here for more information about SmartCare Urgent Care. Under this partnership, all students will be able to select from the following two coverage options for Oglethorpe Student Health Fees:

Option A: Oglethorpe “Shared-Risk” Student Health Plan

  • Well-Insured Students (Copay Plans)
    The Urgent Care copay is absorbed by Oglethorpe University and SmartCare Urgent Care, and only the insurance will be billed for the visit. Students will enjoy free, unlimited access to the Brookhaven facility of SmartCare Urgent Care.

  • Under-Insured Students (High Deductible Plans)
    The visit will be billed to the insurance and charges will accumulate towards the plan deductibles. As an Oglethorpe University student, your bill will never exceed $75.
  • Minimally Insured Students (Self Pay)
    Oglethorpe University students with no insurance benefits will only pay $75 for all basic visits (including a physical exam, x-rays and any lab tests performed on-site). Students will receive a 50% discount on all other services, with the total bill never to exceed $100.

The Oglethorpe Health Fee for students selecting this plan is $149 per semester.

Option B: Oglethorpe “Concierge” Student Health Plan

The “Concierge” plan is designed to cover the majority of costs associated with acute and wellness visits, giving students
the ease of seeking treatment at the clinic without the worry of out of pocket costs.

Oglethorpe University students, regardless of insurance, will receive...

  • Unlimited, free Primary Care visits
  • Unlimited, free Urgent Care visits
  • One free annual flu shot
  • One free preventative care exam per year
  • All labs, x-rays, and EKGs completed on-site are free
  • Any labs sent to a third-party facility are heavily discounted
  • Access to their Primary Care doctor’s direct e-mail address

This plan will be headed by Julian Raffoul, MD, PhD. - see below for more information on Dr. Raffoul.

The Oglethorpe Health Fee for students selecting this plan is $299 per semester.

Dr. Julian Raffoul, MD, PhD

Description: Julian Raffoul, MD, PhD Dr. Julian Raffoul completed both his medical degree as well as his post doctorate degree in Nutrition at Wayne State University in Michigan. He then went on to be attend the renowned Internal Medicine residency training at Emory University.  He is an Elected Fellow of the American College of Nutrition whose research has been published extensively in several medical journals.

Dr. Raffoul, in addition to caring for your healthcare needs, will also be conducting wellness sessions with students throughout the school year on various topics, ranging from nutrition, weight loss, and preventive health topics. All students enrolled in the Oglethorpe “Concierge” Student Health Plan will have direct access to Dr. Raffoul via email and can always stop by the clinic to see him personally.

For more information or questions:
Kame Jo Thomas, Campus Life Coordinator at 404-364-8335 or healthinfo@oglethorpe.edu.

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