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Have questions about moving in or living on-campus? With any luck, the answers will be here. If, after reading this document, your questions are still unanswered, contact the Office of Residence Life.

  • When will I receive my housing assignment?
    Housing assignments will be sent to new students by mid-July. The housing assignment will include your hall and room assignment, your mailbox number, and the names and contact information of your roommate and suite mates.
  • When can I arrive?
    The residence halls open for new students (freshmen and transfers) on Friday, August 21, 2015. Please report to campus between the hours of 9:00 AM and 12:00 PM where you will check in for orientation and receive keys to your room. To learn more about orientation, please visit the First Year Experience Orientation website. The residence halls and Greek Row open for returning students on Saturday, August 22, 2015. Returning students should report to their respective residence halls to pick up their keys between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM. During move-in, your Resident Assistant will be available on your floor to meet with you and answer any questions you may have, so please make sure you stop by their room or meet with them on your floor. That evening you will have a mandatory floor meeting. The details for the time and location will be posted on your floor.

  • Can I arrive earlier?
    Unfortunately, this is not possible. We like all new students to arrive at the same time. We have a detailed orientation planned, and it will be important for everyone to start together.

  • Am I able to look at my assigned room before arriving on campus?
    Unfortunately, this will not be possible. Residence hall rooms are used during the summer by camps and for summer school students or may be undergoing cleaning and renovations. Campus tours are organized through the Admission office and include a look at the residence halls and an example of a room in the building. Please contact the Admission staff for more information about a campus tour. In addition, detailed residence hall floor plans are available on this site.

  • Should I participate in Orientation?
    Yes! It's mandatory and extremely beneficial. Research continues to show that students who actively participate in all orientation events start off better than those who do not attend all the events. To learn more about orientation, please visit the First Year Experience Orientation website.

  • Can I select my own roommate?
    Students may request a specific roommate; however, all requests must be mutual.  Requests can be made by sending an email to residencelife@oglethorpe.edu. Requests for roommates must be made by June 26, 2015. 
  • What if I don't like my roommate?
    Students who come with an open mind and make open communication a priority usually get along with their roommates. Living with someone is an important part of the overall educational process. You'll find that living in a residential community is often one of the most rewarding facets of your collegiate experience. (NOTE: single rooms are not available to freshmen.) Roommate changes will not be made before the start of the semester.   Please be open-minded when viewing social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace. Judging whether or not another student will be a good roommate from a website is not a good substitute for meeting in person. 

    Here are a few tips:
    • Be Open and Friendly: It takes a lot of energy to be either on the giving or receiving end of a cold shoulder. Instead of giving it, talk about what's bothering you. If you get it, ask why.
    • Be Understanding: Everyone can be irrational at times, in a bad mood, or just down.
    • Try to understand the motives behind your roommate's actions: Helping one another through the tough times builds strong relationships.
    • Give Each Other Some Space: Togetherness is great, but you can have too much of a good thing. Consider you and your roommate's need for time alone, and find your quiet time when he/she is in class or at an activity. If it doesn't work out naturally, talk about it.
    • Ask Before You Borrow: Each person has a different comfort level for sharing belongings. Unless you have already come to an agreement on common-use items, ask first and avoid misunderstandings.
    • Define Neatness: There's a lot of room between a neat freak and a slob. Talk with your roommate about where you fall on the scale. You can each adjust accordingly and find a place that suits you both.
    • Set Limits and Stick to Them: Let each other know ahead of time about individual study habits, guests and noise levels.

  • Should I contact my roommate before arriving on campus?
    Absolutely! It's probably a good idea to talk with your new roommate before heading off to college. If nothing else, it will help eliminate duplication (two TVs, two stereos, two microwaves, etc.).

  • What if I still don't get along with my roommate?
    After the first two weeks of the semester, students are permitted to request a room change.  The Residence Life office will notify students when room changes can be requested.   Students will need to meet with their RA and complete a room change request form in the Residence Life Office.  Room changes are not guaranteed and will be granted only if space is available.

  • What is a Resident Assistant?
    Resident Assistants (RAs) are students that live and work in the residence halls. They are hired by the Office of Residence Life to help students who live in the residence halls and are the most visible members of the Residence Life staff. Since the RAs live directly in the building, they are attuned to residents’ particular needs and problems. RAs go through an extensive selection and training process and are, therefore, helpful in dealing with all types of problems and situations. RAs also plan programs and activities, hold hall meetings, enforce policies and refer maintenance/housekeeping work orders to the physical plant.

  • Who are the Residence Life Professional Staff Members?
    The Office of Residence Life is lead by the Director, Assistant Director, and Residence Life Coordinators. These professional staff members provide the vision, supervision, and management of the residence halls and are available to assist students with any of their concerns. A more detailed description of each staff member is provided below.

The Director of Residence Life is responsible for the full administration, operation, planning, and strategic management of programs and services for Residence Life, Greek Row, and Student Conduct on Oglethorpe’s campus. To this end, the Director of Residence Life directly supervises professional staff, coordinates professional and student staff training, manages the departmental budgets, and serves as the chief conduct officer for the university.

Assistant Director
The Assistant Director of Residence Life (AD) is a full-time student affairs professional who works and lives on campus. The AD oversees housing operations, facilitates Residence Life staff recruitment and selection, supervises RAs, and otherwise supports the functioning of the Office of Residence Life. The AD, along with the RLCs, serves as the Office of Residence Life’s spokesperson in any situation that may arise in the residence halls and enforce university and residence hall policies.

Residence Life Coordinators
Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs) are student affairs professionals who work and live on campus. They are trained and experienced in residence hall operations, supervise the RAs and provide guidance in RA programming. RLCs live in a campus apartment and oversee the activities of their assigned area of campus. They are the Office of Residence Life’s spokesperson in any situation that may arise in the residence halls and enforce university and residence hall policies. Feel free to speak with your RLC about problems, ideas and suggestions.

  • Is my room furnished?
    Each resident student is furnished with a twin bed, dresser and desk and desk chair. Common rooms in Bowden-Magbee and Jobe-Hansen Halls also feature a couch, chair, coffee table, dining table, and 4 dining chairs.

  • Does my room have carpet?
    All rooms in Traer Hall, Dempsey Hall, and Greek Row are carpeted. Rooms in Bowden-Magbee and Jobe-Hansen Halls have vinyl composite tile floors.

  • Can I paint my room?
    Painting of residence hall rooms is not permitted.

  • What do I do if I have a mechanical or other type of maintenance problem?
    Students that have access to a computer in their room will be able to submit maintenance requests via the Residence Life homepage, OASIS or call (404) 364-8543. Any issues with the washers and dryers on-campus can be submitted here. If you do not have access to a computer, feel free to contact your Resident Assistant or the Office of Residence Life concerning your maintenance requests.

  • Do I have to clean my room?
    Rooms are seldom inspected for neatness, but students are expected to keep their room in a healthy and safe condition.  As you may know, the southern United States is known for extremely large and hungry bugs who usually only visit students in the residence hall rooms that are not regularly kept clean! Oglethorpe's housekeeping staff will clean the bathrooms each month as long as the floors, counters, and sinks are free and clear of clutter - not many colleges offer such service (dishes not included). Remember, dirty rooms attract insects!

  • Are washers and dryers available on campus?
    Yes, coinless machines are located in each of the residential areas. Any maintenance issues with the washers and dryers on-campus can be submitted online here or by notifying your Resident Assistant or the Office of Residence Life.

  • Are there vending machines in the residence halls?
    To take care of those late night hunger pangs, various soft drink and snack vending machines are located on campus, including in the residential areas of campus.

  • What kinds of linen do I need to bring?
    You should bring regular twin sheets, a mattress pad, pillow cases, pillows, towels, wash cloths, and a blanket.  All of our beds are no more than 80 inches long.  Most good quality twin sheets will fit and it is not necessary to bring sheets labeled as “extra long". 

  • Do I need to bring a telephone?
    The University recommends that each student bring a cell phone to campus as telephone service is not available in the residence halls rooms.  Telephones for local calls and emergency use will be available in common areas of each building.
  • Is there a recommended cell phone service provider?  The University maintains a relationship with AT&T wireless which provides a discount for service to faculty, staff, and students.  Due to the construction of campus buildings and the lack of cell phone towers in the area, not all cell phone companies have good coverage on campus. AT&T and Verizon Wireless seem to provide the most coverage on campus and in the residence halls. However, the University makes no guarantee that AT&T or Verizon or any other service provider will have coverage on campus.

  • Will I be able to get on-line in the residence halls?
    All student rooms are wired for high-speed Internet accessibility, and also have access to Oglethorpe's wireless network. Part of your tuition and fees covers an Oglethorpe email address and the student's Internet access. The student will receive additional information about our campus network, online computer usage policies, and other important information upon their arrival.

    All students living on campus will be required to install Oglethorpe's antivirus software program (with free updates) before being allowed access to Oglethorpe's network. As Oglethorpe's wireless network is available throughout the residence halls, student-owned wireless routers are not allowed.

    For additional information on the network, you can visit IT Services or call at (404) 364-8518.

  • Are the residence halls air-conditioned?
    All of Oglethorpe's residence halls are air-conditioned.

  • What kinds of rules are there on campus?
    All campus policies and regulations are available online. Other important information can be found in the Oglethorpe University Bulletin, which is also available online. Lastly, policies and procedures directly related to Residence Life are available on our website. Students are expected to abide by all campus, local, state and federal laws. It is important to remember that it is a privilege to live on campus, not a right.

  • What is the food like?
    Aramark, our dining services company, strives to serve a variety of nutritional and tasty foods. Students have several main entree selections during each meal, a variety of sandwich selections, grilled burgers and dogs, a salad bar, pasta bar and a few desserts.

  • What are the meal plan options?
    Residents of the main campus residence halls and Greek Row single rooms receive an unlimited meal plan. Residents may enter the dining hall as many times as they would like whenever the dining hall is open. Residents of Greek Row who reside in a double room receive ten entries per week.

  • Are meals served during breaks?
    The meal plan is only available when class is in session. Meals are not provided or on limited hours during fall, Thanksgiving, winter, spring, and summer breaks.   In most cases, lunch will be the last meal served on the day before a break is scheduled to begin.  Brunch will be the first meal served after a scheduled break. Please pay attention to information concerning meals during breaks that is sent throughout the year.

  • Are students required to be on the meal plan?
    All students living on campus must be on the meal plan. Full participation is important to community development, as well as fiscal operations.

  • How do I sign up for the meal plan?
    The meal plan is included in your room and board fees; your meal plan is automatically activated when you arrive on campus.  The Petrel Pass ID card is used to access meals. For additional information about the meal plans and other food-related questions please contact Aramark at (404) 504-1411 or the Business Office at (404) 364-8302.

  • What meal plan options are available for commuters?
    Commuters may purchase meals in blocks of 25 for $155. Students who are interested in this plan should go to the Business Office to make payment arrangements and then bring their receipt to the Aramark staff for activation. This plan is only available to residents of Greek Row and commuters.

  • Does Oglethorpe rent small refrigerators?
    At this time, we do not rent refrigerators.

  • Is there a place close to the University that will be selling items that I may need upon my arrival?
    The Bookstore will be open on Move-In Day. Several stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, Publix, Kroger, Home Depot, Lowes, etc. are just a few minutes away from campus.

  • Is there a bank close to campus?
    There is an ATM located conveniently in the Starbucks/Game Room area of the Turner Lynch Campus Center. Also, several banks and ATMs are close to campus. The closest ATM off-campus is at the Publix at Town Brookhaven.

  • Am I covered if something gets stolen or destroyed in my room?
    Like most colleges and universities across the nation, Oglethorpe is not responsible for the theft, loss or damage to any of the students' personal property. Students are encouraged to carry adequate personal property insurance. Your parents' insurance may cover your belongings while you are away at school. It would be wise to check their policy. If you are not covered by your parent's policy, we would encourage you to look into purchasing renter's insurance from your insurance provider. To learn more about renter's insurance and read reviews of each, please visit Homeowner's Insurance Reviews.

  • Is smoking permitted in the residence halls?
    Smoking is not permitted in any of the residence halls on campus at any time. Smoking is only allowed in the designated smoking areas on-campus, which does not include in any of the residence halls.

  • How does the mail work at Oglethorpe?
    Each residential student is assigned a mailbox in the Turner Lynch Campus Center (complete address is included on your assignment letter). You will get your combination during orientation. For more information on student mail services, you can contact the Switchboard at (404) 261-1441.

  • Is cable TV available in the residence halls?
    Basic cable TV service is provided in each suite for campus residents. More information about this service will be available upon arrival in the fall.

  • Does the campus have a health center?
    Oglethorpe University has partnered with SmartCare Urgent Care, which is located next to campus on the corner of Hermance and Peachtree Road, to provide an array of health services for students during the academic year. They have a physician on staff 7 days a week with extended hours. Although students are free to seek medical care wherever they choose, all students are welcome to access care at SmartCare Urgent Care seven days a week and communicate with staff there about their health needs. At certain points in the academic year, SmartCare will partner with the University to provide health awareness programs on campus. To learn more about Health Services at Oglethorpe, please visit our Health Information page for more information.

  • Am I covered under any kind of health insurance while attending Oglethorpe?
    Oglethorpe University expects all students to have their own health insurance. If you need assistance with finding health insurance on your own, please contact Kame Jo Thomas, Campus Life Coordinator, at 404-364-8335 or healthinfo@oglethorpe.edu.

  • What is Oglethorpe's alcohol policy?
    On-campus residents are expected to comply with the alcohol and drug policy of Oglethorpe University stated in the Oglethorpe University Bulletin. If you are twenty-one, you may drink in the privacy of your own room with the door closed. IF ALL MEMBERS OF A ROOM OR SUITE ARE UNDER THE LEGAL DRINKING AGE, NO ALCOHOL MAY BE PRESENT IN THAT ROOM AT ANYTIME. Open containers are not permitted at anytime on campus property. This includes hallways, lounges, courtyards, patios, etc.

  • What about drugs?
    National statistics show an increase of drug use on college campuses. Oglethorpe does not tolerate such activity and will take decisive action against any student caught using or possessing illegal drugs. Do not let one bad decision cost you your entire college education.

  • What should I bring?
    It's a good idea to ask some of your friends who may have recently attended college the same question. Do not forget to contact your roommate to avoid duplication!

    Here are a few ideas:

    laundry basket or bag, detergent, roll of quarters for vending, twin size sheets, blanket, comforter/bedspread, pillow, towels, washcloths, and personal toiletries, wastebasket, coat hangers, surge protector, alarm clock, desk lamp, dictionary, thesaurus, calendar, memo board, telephone, small refrigerator (not bigger than 4.2 cubic feet), small microwave, automatic coffee maker (please note that electrical appliances can not have open faced heating coils), TV, videogames, stereo, computer. For a more detailed list of suggested items to bring with you, please click here.

  • What shouldn't you bring?
    Use common sense. Don't even think about bringing any of the following items:
    Weapons (guns, swords, knives, etc.), fireworks, appliances with open faced heating coils (such as toasters, toaster ovens) or heating plates, wireless computer routers, waterbeds, candles or incense, any pet other than fish, expensive jewelry or a lot of cash.

  • Is there a curfew/sign out sheet for students who live on campus?
    No. Residential students are free to come and go as they please. Off-campus guests are asked to sign-in with their Resident Assistant for the sake of knowing who is in the buildings in the case of emergencies.
  • When do the residence halls and Greek Row close for and reopen after Winter Break?
    The residence halls and Greek Row close for Winter Break at 10AM on Wednesday, December 17, 2014. They will reopen at 9AM on Sunday, January 11, 2015. All residents may not be in the buildings during this time. Requests to stay late are highly discouraged and rarely approved so please base your move-out and travel plans around this date and time.

  • When do the residence halls and Greek Row close for Spring Semester?
    The residence halls and Greek Row close for Spring Semester at 12 PM on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 for all students, except for seniors and those approved to stay late. Seniors must move out by 10 AM on Sunday, May 17, 2015. Requests to stay late are highly discouraged and rarely approved so please base your move-out and travel plans around this date and time.
  • How can I live off-campus?
    Oglethorpe University is a residential liberal arts campus and first years, sophomores, and juniors under the age of 24 are expected to live on campus. Seniors are encouraged to remain on campus. Students may seek exemption from the policy if they are: (1) 24 years of age or older, (2) Married, Proof of Domestic Union, and/or Live with Dependents, or (3) Reside full-time with parent(s) (or parental guardian) within a 25-mile driving distance of Oglethorpe University as measured by Google Maps. To learn more about the housing exemption request process and application, please visit the housing exemption request page here.
  • As a senior, do you recommend any off-campus apartments?
    Although many seniors continue to live on-campus, there are many apartment complexes and other places to live in the surrounding Brookhaven area. You may wish you use the Your Rental Resource, Rent.com, Hotpads Atlanta, or Zillow to help you find a place to live. That said, we do not make recommendations for off-campus living and the University assumes no responsibility for contracts/leases between individuals. We are not responsible or liable for the consequences of any off-campus student housing arrangement. In addition, Oglethorpe does not endorse or sponsor any of the agencies, services, advertisements, properties or landlords included on these rental websites. The information is provided only as aids in your housing quest. If at anytime you wish you move back on-campus, please let us know!
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