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Rowell 4-4-2008
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Chelcie Rowell ’09
Student Newspaper

Chelcie is an English major with a minor in Art History. Involved with Oglethorpe’s student newspaper, “The Stormy Petrel,” since her freshman year, she didn’t see herself where she is today as the newspaper’s editor-in-chief.

Her goals for this year are clear – a steady schedule, increased readership and increased staff. Already, the focus is paying off as students are actively involved, including freshmen, writing and contributing to the bi-weekly editions. The newspaper is fortunate that many have experience on their high school newspapers and so come to the Stormy Petrel with clearly identifiable skills. Others like Chelcie, when she joined, simply want opportunities to write or to try something new.

Regardless of the level of skill or the interest, the Stormy Petrel welcomes all. Says Chelcie, “I stayed because I liked what I was doing, I liked the people, and… it’s always great to see your writing in print. It’s always exciting to see the physical issue, even though you’ve worked on the paper and know everything that’s in it!”

Working on the school newspaper has also helped her learn about the school and meet people she may never have met ordinarily. To Chelcie, it all comes back to one word, opportunity. Not only can a student become a section editor as early as their freshman year, but each also has an opportunity to contribute to shaping what Oglethorpe looks like beyond graduation. “We have opportunities very early for a high level of responsibility.”




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