CORE IV - COR402-002

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Readings for 10/12   The Sleepwalkers:  Part IV, Ch. 3-4, pp. 270-304
                                 The Copernican Revolution:  Ch. 6, pp. 219-228      Copernican Revolution
  The Book of the Cosmos: #s 22-24                   

In and Out Writing 1           In and Out Writing 2             In and Out Writing 3        

Paper Topic 1       
Paper Topic 2        Paper Topic 3               Research Guide            Lecture Transparencies and Materials      

Presentation Groups            Presentation Group Guidelines         Group Presentation Schedule       Oral Presentation Rubric

Presentation Group Background Materials    Steady State Theory        New Technology Telescopes         Dark Matter         Black Holes/White Holes/ER Bridges         Arrow of Time                                                  
                                                                                                                     Primordial Black Holes         Higgs Boson & Cosmology          Far Future Scenarios for the Universe

Reading Questions 1          Reading Questions 2              Reading Questions 3          

Listen to Lectures from Spring 2004                                                                  

Sample Midterm 1                  Sample Midterm 2                        Fall '13 Potential Final Exam Questions

Eudoxus' Model Details        Animations of Various Astronomical Phenomena        Scale of the Universe        Size of Universe

Chromoscope (best viewed in Chrome or Firefox)    UNL Astronomy Simulations    PHET Apps    Time Dilation

St Andrews History of Cosmology          History of Scientific Cosmology          Clive Ruggles' Archeoastronomy Images

Cosmology: Antiquity -1850                   Cosmology: 1850-Present                     University of Bonn History of Astronomy

Catholic Encyclopedia-Cosmogony        Catholic Encyclopedia - Cosmology     Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Journey to a Black Hole                         Eudoxus Simulation                             Cambridge Relativity Cosmology        

Interdisciplinary Documentation of Religion and Science                                    The Galileo Project

Trial of Galileo                                       Letter to Castelli                                   Letter to Grand Duchess Christina